Do you sell products or services online?
Get a clear, doable path to higher online revenue, traffic, and customer loyalty.
Know what to do, when to do it and why; reduce guesswork & stress.
Does it seem like your competitors have the answer to more online revenue and traffic - getting more sales, calls, leads, donations?
What if you could build an easy to understand, step-by-step strategic plan that you could leverage now and in the future.

Improving Your Bottom Line
You increase revenue, customer engagement, and targeted web traffic.
Saving Money & Resources
You can gain control over assets, resources, budget, and timing.
Spending Smarter
You achieve clarity and focus. Decisions are easier and choices less overwhelming.
Having a website was supposed to make running your business easier.

People would find you, see your product, service or cause ... and you'd make money. 

Even as you saw success, you knew more could be accomplished. To be more profitable, you know you need more revenue, more traffic, more happy customers or patrons.

You try various tactics. How do you know if they were successful?

You spend time reading blogs and articles and then work on deciphering which of the tactics promised as “sure fire” or the “must-do” could perhaps work for your situation. So much information is overwhelming. 

You go to conferences and attend sessions. You go to online webinars. Afterwards, you look at your notes and have a question. Who can you talk to for clarification? Maybe the presentation is online so you can re-watch? Maybe email the presenter? 

And, you persevere...

Is the answer a website redesign? (Well maybe, but what’s working and what isn’t?)
Should you bring in a consultant? Do you need new software? Are your internal resources enough, or is it time to consider additional people or new vendors?

Then there's the technology - do you do it yourself, hire IT services or use the IT person in your office? Do they understand online marketing and what you hope to achieve? Do you dread those conversations with IT, your team or outside vendors/consultants? Don't get what you ask for? Communication should be easier. 

Other businesses and non-profits increase their sales, get more phone calls, and receive more donations (not just in December). ​​You know there is an answer. You know your business and your customers. 

The difference is their approach.

​​​​They use a process which creates strategies based on their business goals and customer needs, then they adjust their strategies and tactics based on actual data and customer behavior. 

They follow a process, with an understandable, step-by-step action plan – one that wasn’t created in a vacuum, without support. 

Hi, I'm Kathleen
I've been in your shoes ...
T​​​​oo much to do in too little time, being pulled in multiple directions and needing to produce results. You don't have time to waste.

I've seen it with my clients. 
The desire for fast wins, wanting to try the latest touted tactics – often leading to the proverbial “let’s throw the spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks” approach. 

I've worked with businesses and non-profits for more than 17 years, creating websites, increasing traffic using quality SEO - not the sleazy kind - improving the customer experience and usability, and finding ways to increase revenue using data and customer behavior.

The Realization That Changed Everything ...

I took a step back and looked at how projects were approached. Because everyone was so busy, and wanted quick results, there was a lot of "spinning wheels," miscommunications, and too much stress. To me, search has always been like a giant puzzle, sometimes frustrating, but more often fun and rewarding.

Then I saw it! Information was missing. Business isn't static, and customers certainly aren't. Time wasn't taken to ask questions -  questions necessary to determine if elements affecting the business or customers shifted. Additionally, there was no formal plan - a reference - to keep everyone on the same page - working toward the same goal.

As I worked with my clients, I helped them create a plan, often based on information they had, but didn't realize they knew. We looked at information from various angles, noticed gaps and discovered opportunities that were present, just not seen.

The result? A consistent improvement to revenue, online traffic, and customer engagement. 

Why this process works
Strategies, not tactics
Tactics change and fall in and out of favor. Strategies provide measurable results. Plan adjustments are easier.
It's written
Despite what we might want to believe, writing it down matters. Written plans achieve greater results AND improve communication.
We all want more revenue and greater profit. Revenue-centric strategies based on knowing what to change, removes the guessing.
Concentrates on small shifts in numbers
Once you know what you have, you often see how small shifts can add up to big results.
Is this process for you?
Are you ready to create a Revenue Action Plan?
Do you need more money - more sales, calls, donations?
Of course you do. Every business owner, non-profit director, and small marketing team wants to increase revenue. Money provides options.

Discover how to shift numbers upward & create strategies customized to your business or non-profit.

Leverage this knowledge now and in the future. 

Do you feel overwhelmed?
Unsure what to do next and why?

Developing an actionable Revenue Action Plan makes decision-making easier. During the process, you'll know what to do first and why -- and what results to expect. Less stress!

You'll gather actionable information; clarity will emerge and you'll craft a strategy.

At the end of this program, implement the findings yourself OR give them to your team or outside consultants. You have a plan!

Do you have limited resources and not enough time?
You can complete this class in under 60 days or take up to 6 months to complete the course.

The plan works with what you have and helps you determine what you may need when you're ready.

There are incentives to keep you on track and built-in accountability. The plan is created so you can work at your own pace during the six months.
Do you want results?

I plan on celebrating your successes but you must participate! Afraid you won't have the answers? I provide many resources to guide you along your journey. You'll be surprised with how much you know and will learn.

You’re not in this alone. - It’s not like when you go to a conference, get back to the office and then say, "now what?" Hand-holding is built into this course via online workshops,Live Q&As and our private Facebook Group.

IMAGINE online marketing with less guessing, better results, and less stress. 

You’re busy – you’ve got a lot on your plate – taking care of customers, the day-to-day must do and then the occasional “fires” that need your attention. 

You just want your website to work effectively - bring in those calls, leads, sales or donations - resulting in a better bottom line for your business. You want your online ads to produce higher conversions. You want to feel like you're not being outwitted by your competitors or dread reading that Google updated their algorithm. 


Everyone is working on a common goal and knows not only “what” but “why.” Projects have a new energy and ideas are focused. You, and your team, are looking forward to what’s next. 

You come into your office, and know what strategy to implement.
Not because doing X is the latest “must do”, but because you know “the Why” behind your action. Decision-making is easier. 
You have a finite amount of resources and you’re gaining
better traffic and customer engagement, greater productivity and finding that your team is happier. 
A project is getting done ahead of schedule.
The writer “gets it” and you don’t have all that back-and-forth that you used to have – and she’s suggested other ways it could be used to meet a specific customer concern.
You look forward to reading customer reviews
More goodwill and customer evangelism. 
A vendor discussion goes so well; communication is easier.
You convey what you need and why, and the resulting conversation generates new insight, a specific proposal with a more accurate project price.
The web developer isn’t saying "It can’t be done."

Instead, you’re hearing “What if we do this?” 

I invite you to join me in this
interactive training experience


Rev-UP Your Online Revenue

Completed in as little as 60 days or take 6 full months. Work at your own pace and when your schedule allows.

Participate, Engage & Learn

Class begins online January 31, 2018

7 weeks of online study INCLUDING 6 months of mentoring & support available through July 31, 2018

Designed to be understandable and not overwhelming.
Reduce that overwhelmed feeling, make informed decisions and build upon your knowledge. 
There’s no reason to put if off any longer. You know you should do this and you won't be doing it alone.

Enrollment ends at 8:00 PM ET, Friday, January 26, 2018

Online Learning Modules
Seven class modules with video lessons, downloadable workbooks and exercises available every Monday for seven weeks.

Each module focuses on a section of your written Revenue Action Plan - gaining insights you can apply immediately.

Live Virtual Q&A Sessions
Six Live one-hour online sessions. Submit your questions and work ahead of time so that I can best answer your questions and give feedback on any issues you've uncovered.

The Live Virtual Q&As are done in a group environment so 
everyone learns and grows.
Live Virtual Intensive Workshops
Six Live 60-90 minute online intensive workshops designed to keep you on track and to focus on areas of greatest concern to the group.

During each workshop, you get actionable steps to apply to your particular business/non-profit.

You Did It! Challenges
Let's face it, most of us work best on deadlines. Designed with accountability in mind, these challenges focus on accomplishing tasks and moving you through the process and keeping you on track.

You Did It! Challenges are optional, but highly encouraged, plus you might win some cool stuff!

Private Facebook Community
A supportive, private environment to share ideas, ask questions and get feedback on workbook exercises.

Collaboration provides for insights that might be missed and participants often find accountability partners or "sounding boards" for issues that are particular to various industries or sectors.
Recorded Online Classes, Q&As & Workshops
Can't attend a workshop or Q&A when "Live"? No worries...we record and post for you to view when you have time.
You'll discover:

R.A.P.  – The Revenue Action Plan – the underlying rhythm to strategic online marketing - resulting in clarity, focus and control. 

Establishing Base Camp – Your “safe zone” for leveraging your knowledge.

Evaluating Your Assets –knowing what you have and need reduces effort and cost. 

You'll receive:

Your Base Camp Workbook (PDF) questions to define and refine your current and future online journeys. 

Assets Review and Assessment Worksheet –define and assess your resource arsenal. 

You'll discover:

Interaction Pathway Mapping – charting the path to both online and offline growth opportunities. 

Revenue & Conversion Calculations numbers that clarify the possibilities and focus the intentions. 
You'll receive:

Pathway Guide & Workbook (PDF) – discover revenue and growth opportunities resulting from charted business and customer interactions. 

Conversion Infographic – visual resource for improving online revenue.
You'll discover:

The 9 Steps - define and refine your business goals, objectives, and measurement process.

Stakeholders’ Treasure - the hidden gems of insight, input and buy-in.

Power in the Measure - establish criteria as a means of providing answers not guesses. 

You'll receive:

The 9 Step Process Workbook (PDF) - document your business objectives and plans. 

The 9 Step Process Template – (Spreadsheet)

Stakeholder Questions (PDF) - open the dialogue to opportunities and challenges. 

You'll discover:

“Your Customers: A Story by You” – uncover insights based on stories you tell of your customers.

Beyond Customer Profiles – enhance engagement and increase conversions by defining the commonalities, needs, wants and tasks, and asking the right questions. 

Don’t Make Them Ask – anticipate your customers’ questions to increase your customer connection for greater conversions and loyalty.

You'll receive:

Your Story Workbook (PDF) asks questions to help you discover hidden information or gain greater focus.

Customer Dossier Workbook (PDF) – uncover your customers’ agendas for a clearer view of your current and future online marketing message. 

Customer Questions Workbook (PDF) – brainstorming questions, answers and circumstances to meet your customers’ expectations. 

You'll discover:

What’s Next? – Why that question is imperative to guide your customers to their goals.

Take Time to Calendar – Control your project timelines and budget thru event management.

Basic Competitive Research – How to learn and why not to copy your competitors.

You'll receive:

Call to Action Worksheet (PDF) – plan and define “what’s next?”. 

Calendar Timeline (PDF) - Plan your strategies by documenting your business’ and clients’ events.

Competitive Insights Worksheet (PDF) – record the “Oh, I could/should/need to do…” moments for analysis. 

You'll discover:

Combining Your Business and Customer Objectives & Findings - the power of the juxtaposition. 

Decision-Making Matrix – reduce options and get rid of that overwhelmed feeling. 

You'll receive:

Decision Matrix Worksheet (PDF) is a template where you will input your strategies and assign priorities. 

You'll discover:

Communicate Your Findings for feedback, buy-in and delivery. 

Develop Tactics Based on Resources – the “right now” and phase approaches to implementing on time and on budget.

Customer Focusing – customer-centric tactics that provide greatest longevity.

Leveraging Your Revenue Action Plan – learn, review and build online revenues now and in the future.

You'll receive:

Revenue Action Plan Template – a guide to provide your findings to your team members, vendors or IT team.

Revenue Action Plan Resources – a list of resources to get you started.

Workbooks & Templates

to Speed You On Your Way

Join Now and Get Your Bonuses
First 30 to Register

Fast Wins for Better Traffic and Happier Customers

Customized audit report, specific to your website, covering four areas that can improve your search visibility and customer engagement.  

Reports include:

- Page titles and descriptions
- Duplicate content issues
- Thin or inadequate content
- ​​​​​​​Mobile-friendliness of site​​​​​​​
First 50 to Register

No Blame Benchmarking

Every website should be checked regularly for basic information, performance issues and settings. 

This guide is a basic checklist and workbook for your findings and covers websites, social media, email marketing, online advertising, and offline marketing.

No blame is in the title because so much changes so quickly and the goal is to make everything as good as possible.

"Kathleen brings an exceptional integrity to her work. Many in her industry wouldn't think twice about pushing the latest snake oil to ring their register, but Kathleen focuses on her clients' needs and what will benefit them most. Thoughtful and detail-oriented, Kathleen is eager to contribute to her clients' success. She takes care to share her knowledge in plain English so that we're all on the same page, and spends time staying current on the tools that can bring efficiencies and cost-savings to her clients. Her upbeat attitude and enthusiasm make her a joy to work with!"

Nina Kaufman,

"Kathy is smart, intuitive and grounded. If you want someone who will be straight with you and help you explore opportunities for growth, hire her. I've know Kathy for many years and have always loved her honesty and humor in addition to her customer-focused mindset." 

Carol Woodliff

​​​​​​​Do you want more a personalized experience?
In addition to everything included in Rev-UP Your Revenue, two additional options are available if you would like more help in crafting your plan. 
Choose what best fits your need and budget.
Private video reviews and VIP-only Group Q&As will start after July 31, 2018.


  • One 60-minute planning phone call to take place preferably in January.
  • Private video review of your plan by me; sent to you via a private video link. 
  • Two virtual VIP-only post-review Group Q&A calls

Rev-UP VIP Plus 2-day

  • Intensive Mini-Mastermind
    Las Vegas, NV: April 16-17, 2018
    New York, NY: May 7-8, 2018

  • Everything included in the Rev-UP VIP Program and the following: 
  • 2-day intensive Mini-Mastermind (your choice of location) - limited to small groups for greater interaction and personalized attention.
  • Content focuses on increasing revenue and tailored to attendees based on pre-event input.
  • Two post-event Group Virtual Accountability Calls
  • VIP Mini-Mastermind Private Facebook Group
  • Travel arrangements and costs not included.
Are you ready to make your online marketing decisions more effective, more decisive and more profitable, while reducing uncertainties, wasted opportunities and stress?
You get 6 months of support and advice.


Rev-UP Your Online Revenue

Complete in as little as 60 days or take 6 full months. Work at your own pace and when your schedule allows.

Class begins online Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Your Rev-UP Your Online Revenue interactive course and workshop experience begins Wednesday, January 31, 2018 and officially ends on July 31, 2018. Private video reviews and VIP-only Group Q&As will start after July 31, 2018. ​​​​​Once you click the "I'm Ready To Get Started" button, you'll be taken to our secure checkout. Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive a receipt and a confirmation. The email address you use during the purchase will be used to send you your course login information and welcome email. If you're one of the first 30 (and 50) to register, we'll email you when your bonuses are scheduled for delivery and provide access information.

Enrollment ends at 8:00 PM ET, Friday, January 26, 2018

Rev-UP Your Online Revenue

Best Value (Save $385)
$1997 US

6 Monthly Payments
$397 US
  • 7 class modules
  • 6 virtual Live Q&A Calls
  • 6 virtual Live 60-90 minute online intensive workshops
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 6 months of support
Rev-UP Your Online Revenue VIP

Best Value (Save $599)
$2997 US

6 Monthly Payments
$597 US
  • Rev-UP Your Online Revenue PLUS
  • One 60-minute planning phone call 
  • Private video review of your plan by me; sent to you via a private video link. 
  • Two virtual VIP-only post-review Group Q&A calls
Rev-UP Your Online Revenue VIP & Mini-Mastermind

Best Value (Save $899)
$4497 US

6 Monthly Payments
$897 US
  • Rev-UP Your Online Revenue VIP PLUS
  • Intensive 2-day workshop & Mini-Mastermind in your choice of New York, NY or Las Vegas, NV.
  • Two virtual post-event Group Accountability calls
  • VIP Mini-Mastermind Private Facebook Group
  • Content focuses on increasing revenue and tailored to attendees based on pre-event input
  • Limited group size to increase interaction and personalized attention 
  • Travel costs NOT included. 
  • When you hit the button below, choose the city where you plan on attending the VIP Mini-Mastermind. 

"Hiring KF Multimedia to do an overall assessment of my website copy, navigation and SEO with an emphasis on the homepage was the best decision that I could have made. Kathy did an extremely thorough assessment of my site and provided an extensive and detailed report of suggested copy revisions, text placement adjustments, navigation tweaks and meta titles/descriptions guidance. 

Her service was top notch as she was very giving with her time and expertise. She walked me through the assessment report helping me prioritize the tasks so that I could address them in a logical sequence and kept tabs on my progress offering additional suggestions along the way. 

The changes that I implemented as a result of working with Kathy have already started to pay-off as the number of online inquiries that I have received have increased significantly. I highly recommend Kathy Fealy and KF Multimedia."

Stephanie Shalofsky, The Organizing Zone

30 Day "Simply Show Me The Work"
100% Money Back Guarantee

Your taking this course because you're committed to seeing results. I want you to succeed and am here to help. To be successful in this course, you must fully participate and do the necessary work. If within the first 30 days, you're not convinced that you have the potential for increased online revenue, email me and tell me why. If I can resolve the issue, I will, but if not, then simply show me the work you did up to that point and I’ll refund your money 100%.  
View Full Refund Policy

I'm here to help you succeed. You know you need to plan. It's so much easier to do it when you're not doing it alone. Get results and make your job easier now and in the future.

Rev-UP Your Online Revenue interactive training experience will give you the control you’re seeking to make better decisions, use your resources and assets more effectively and ultimately improve your online revenues. When your business objectives are aligned with your customers’ needs and wants, and you’ve written them down so they’re available for reference and review, you’re way ahead of your competitors.

Celebrating your successes! -- Kathy


Once you decide to join us...
When you click the "I'm Ready To Get Started" button above, you'll be taken to our secure checkout. Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive an email receipt. The email address you use during the purchase will be used to send you your course login information and welcome email. If you're one of the first 30 to register, you receive Bonus #1 and 2; and if you're among the first 50, you get Bonus #2. The Instant Bonus will be available to all who purchase the course. We'll email you when your bonuses are scheduled for delivery with access information.

Your Rev-UP Your Online Revenue interactive course and workshop experience begins Wednesday, January 31, 2018 with access to the first learning module. On each Monday thereafter for 6 weeks, the additional learning modules will be released. By January 29, 2018, you will receive in a separate email, the scheduled dates for the virtual Q&As and Intensive Interactive Workshops. You have 6 months of support that includes 6 Live virtual 60-90 minute Workshops and 6 Live virtual Group Q&As. The Rev-UP Your Online Revenue Masterclass officially ends on July 31, 2018, with access to the Private Facebook Group through August 15, 2018. VIP members will receive an email with details on the Revenue Action Plan submission process and the two virtual VIP-only Group Q&A calls by July 15, 2018. Private video reviews and VIP-only Group Q&As will start after July 31, 2018.

You have questions, we have answers

How long is this Rev-UP Your Online Revenue Masterclass? 
The masterclass will be released over 7 weeks and you'll have 6 months of support as you create and develop your Revenue Action Plan for your online marketing (through July 31, 2018). Each month we'll meet for Virtual Workshops and Live Q&A calls. A schedule will be posted in the class portal. If you participate in the VIP program, Private video reviews and VIP-only Group Q&As will start after July 31, 2018.
How much time do I need to complete the course?
The course is structured so that it may take you an hour per week to review the module videos. Each section has exercises and worksheets that help with the creation of the Revenue Action Plan. The time for these vary and are dependent on the information you have and will gather. You have 6 months though to work through your plan. The workshops are crafted to help you keep up as are the "You Did It!" challenges.
What if I can't answer some of the questions? Will the Revenue Plan still work?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers for the various sections; you have a starting place. Rarely have I had a client who could answer all of the questions. This process helps you get answers to questions you may or may not know, and you’ll revisit your answers over the coming months as your business changes. Online marketing is definitely not a set it and forget it type of marketing.

What if I can't attend the virtual sessions? Will the Live Q&A and Workshops be recorded?
Yes, all Q&A’s and workshops will be recorded and posted within the classroom portal. We’ll also send you an email letting you know when it’s available. We want you to get the information even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend in-person. 
How do I get feedback on my work or plans, and ask you questions?

There are several avenues available. 1) You can share your questions and work in the Private Facebook Group where I and others will see and comment on them. Collaboration is a powerful tool. 2) In addition, you can email your questions to by the appointed day and time and they may be included in the workshops and Live Q&A. A schedule will be provided in the class portal. 3) If appropriate, feedback may be given based on work submitted during the "You Did It" Challenges. 4) For more direct, personalized feedback, please join the VIP program.

What does the VIP program offer that the course/workshop doesn’t? 

Some students like more one-to-one contact and want a more personalized view of their work and plans.

The first VIP option includes a one-to-one 30 minute call within the first 12 weeks of the class, a review of the revenue plan by me returned with a private video link for your use, and two VIP-only Group Q&A calls.

The second VIP Option includes the items in the first VIP option plus a 2-day intensive Workshop/Mini-Mastermind in either New York City or Las Vegas. Two post-event VIP Mini-Mastermind Group accountability calls will take place between the date of the event and July 31, 2018.

Private video reviews and VIP-only Group Q&As will start after July 31, 2018.

Why are you emphasizing a written plan?
When you write a Revenue Action Plan, you focus on your intent, and as you see the results in print it helps you evaluate the overall picture. A written plan gives you a vehicle for sharing the information so that everyone involved in your online marketing and/or website can pull together - all working toward your specified goals. A written plan serves as a referable reference and keeps the project on track.
Still have a question?
If you're still unsure, email or book an appointment and we'll see if this is right for you. Your success is important to me. 
Schedule a 15-minute call
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This course/workshop is not a “you’ll rank #1” program. For online marketing to be successful for the long-term, a solid strategy needs to be developed. Everyone would love to find one tactic that goes “viral” but that’s more the exception than the rule. It takes effort. Most success does. I want you to be successful, but your results are entirely determined by your efforts, experience, resources, economic conditions, and such.